Tune in to get inspired, learn from the trials and triumphs, and discover the innovative strategies that keep Davao’s business scene vibrant and dynamic. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, or simply someone fascinated by the art of innovation and the resilience of the human spirit, the Disrupt Davao Podcast is your companion in exploring the ever-changing world of entrepreneurship.

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DD19: A Taste of Tradition & Innovation with Jason Li of New Davao Famous Restaurant

Tune in as we explore the rich heritage and ongoing evolution of New Davao Famous Restaurant. Discover how this cherished local favorite has thrived for more than four decades, navigating challenges and embracing innovations along the way. Don’t miss this episode full of lessons on resilience and adaptation, perfect for anyone passionate about food and entrepreneurship. 🎧

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Meet The Host

Meet Regina Evangelista: Entrepreneur, Outsourcing Expert, Author, and Voice of Disrupt Davao

As the dynamic force behind Disrupt Davao, our host is a visionary leader and an advocate for female entrepreneurship.

Join her as she explores the journeys of resilience, innovation, and success, shining a light on the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of Davao City.

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