DD11: Taking Advantage of New Trends

Coffee lovers rejoice! In this episode of Disrupt Davao Podcast, we’ll be talking to Ton Bernardino, owner of the Bloom Coffee and Start-Up space. The Bloom Coffee & Start-Up Space is one of the few establishments to maintain operations despite the extensive regulations imposed by the local government. Today, we’ll be learning about how Ton started as an entrepreneur, the struggles of maintaining a business amidst the pandemic, and the choices responsible for getting him to where he is today. Conversation Highlights:
  • Programmer to coffee aficionado
  • Building the business around professional consumers
  • Effects of the pandemic and paradigm shift
  • Delivery operations vs. In-house serving
  • Taking advantage of new trends
  • Employee retention struggles
  • Changing service hours due to curfew regulations
  • Target market adjustment
  • Ton’s advice to entrepreneurs/finding meaning
Join me as we learn about Bloom Coffee and Start-up Space in this episode of Disrupt Davao! For more info, please visit their page: Bloom Coffee & Start-up Space is located at Corner Walnut St. and Ecoland Drive, Phase 7, Davao City.

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