DD14: Giving Former Persons Deprived of Liberty Second Chances and New Opportunities with Sr Capt Edo Lobenia


Welcome to another episode of Disrupt Davao, where we spotlight the changemakers reshaping our community. Today, we’re honored to host Captain Edo Lobenia, the founder of Second Chance Philippines, an initiative that significantly impacts the lives of former Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs) by providing them with opportunities for a fresh start.

In This Episode:

      • Edo’s Vision for Change: Learn about Edo’s journey from serving as a Jail Senior Inspector to pioneering Second Chance Philippines. Discover the inspirations and pivotal moments that led him to address the challenges faced by former inmates seeking reintegration into society.
      • Building Bridges: Hear how Edo overcame significant obstacles to partner with local businesses willing to employ former PDLs. Explore the success stories of companies like SurePlus and Jargon Construction and Supply, which have played crucial roles in providing new opportunities for these individuals.
      • Agricultural and Automotive Initiatives: Delve into how Second Chance Philippines expanded to include the Second Chance Agri Farm and Auto Care center. These initiatives not only provide jobs but also skills training, helping former PDLs gain sustainable employment and a sense of community.
      • Community Impact and Expansion: Edo discusses the broader impact of his work, from changing public perceptions to fostering a supportive environment for social reintegration. Learn about the plans to broaden the scope of Second Chance Philippines through more comprehensive community involvement and legislative support.
      • Advice for Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs: Gain valuable insights from Edo on starting and sustaining social initiatives. Whether you’re looking to launch a small project or a large-scale operation, Edo shares advice on how passion, persistence, and community support can drive success.
      • Supporting Second Chance Philippines: Find out how you can contribute to the mission of Second Chance Philippines. Edo shares how listeners can get involved, from participating in community events like “Run for Second Chances” to engaging with their initiatives online.

Edo’s dedication to giving former inmates a second chance is not just transforming lives but is also building a more compassionate society. Join us as we explore the power of redemption and the community’s role in fostering significant social change.

Follow Second Chance Philippines on Facebook or send them an email to inquire how you can support their initiatives at secondchancephilipppines@gmail.com

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