DD19: A Taste of Tradition & Innovation with Jason Li of New Davao Famous Restaurant

Welcome to another episode of Disrupt Davao, where we dive into the lives of those shaping our city’s future through innovation and entrepreneurship. Today, we are honored to host Jason Li, President of New Davao Famous Restaurant, a beloved culinary landmark in Davao for over 40 years.

In This Episode:

  • Jason’s Entrepreneurial Journey: Discover Jason’s pathway from his early career aspirations to taking the helm of New Davao Famous Restaurant, including the transition into managing a long-standing family business.
  • Rebranding and Evolution: Hear about the strategic rebranding efforts undertaken to modernize New Davao Famous without sacrificing its cherished traditional recipes, and the crucial role Jason’s wife played in this process.
  • Family Dynamics in Business: Explore the complexities and rewards of working within a family-owned business, the challenges of navigating interpersonal dynamics, and the importance of clear communication.
  • Pandemic Resilience: Learn how New Davao Famous adapted to the challenges posed by the pandemic, from integrating third-party delivery services to ensuring the well-being of their employees during these uncertain times.
  • Expanding with Integrity: Dive into the logistical and operational shifts required when expanding from one location to multiple branches, including the implementation of robust systems to maintain quality and consistency.
  • Keys to Entrepreneurial Success: Gain insights from Jason on the essential qualities for entrepreneurial success such as resilience, systems thinking, and the continuous pursuit of self-mastery.
  • Future of Davao Famous: Jason shares his future plans for New Davao Famous, including new product introductions aimed at aligning with current customer preferences, and his ongoing commitment to innovation.
  • Support New Davao Famous: Find out how you can support Jason and the New Davao Famous Restaurant by visiting their multiple locations, trying their new offerings, and staying connected through their social media platforms.

Jason Li’s insights not only highlight the legacy and ongoing evolution of New Davao Famous but also reflect a broader narrative of adaptation and growth in the face of both opportunity and challenge.

Join us as we uncover the depth of his experience and the forward-looking vision that continues to drive the success of this iconic establishment.

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New Davao Famous Restaurant



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