DD4: Learning The Marketing Behind Your Business

I am very excited to have Jessica Madrazo on Disrupt Davao podcast, aka Digital Davaoeña. She’s a digital marketing veteran and one of the virtual assistant pioneers in Davao City.

She’s the founder and Operations Director of Coffeebot, a Davao-based digital marketing agency that helps businesses locally and from across the globe grow through social media marketing, search engine optimization, web development, strategic lead generation, and customer support.

And I find comfort in knowing that we’re part of the same industry and I look forward to hearing her story and experience during these times.

We discussed:

  • The changes Coffeebot has to go through as a business during this Pandemic
  • The challenges in transitioning to home-based as a creative team
  • Virtual Assistant Industry: Then and Now, Local vs Foreign Clients
  • Seeing more and more businesses adapting to online systems
  • Marketing your businesses online – hiring an agency to do it for you VS doing it yourself in-house
  • What is Digital Davaoeña


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