DD6: Positivity in the Pandemic

Very interesting discussion about the pandemic and Chef Patrick’s positive approach. There is a lot of stigmas around the pandemic. One of the reasons why we want to get Chef Patrick on is because there are a lot of stories of people and businesses struggling and understandably so, but his approach to the pandemic through servicing our community has been one of the stories that we have loved. Chef Patrick Co is our city’s celebrity chef and mastermind of Davao restaurants, Fat Cow and Asian Cow, both by the way, landed on the list of Philippine Tatler’s T. Dining Guide as Best Restaurants in the country for 2020. We talked about:
  • How he got started and his love for food/cooking
  • Why the name Fat Cow?
  • His experience as a restaurant owner during the onset of the pandemic in March/April
  • Some of the changes he made to keep running as a business
  • The challenges he encountered as a restaurant owner ie supplies, raw materials, employees, logistics, etc.
  • What’s his favorite food
  • Advice or insights he’d like to share with other restaurants owners in the city during these unpredictable times

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