DD13: From Beans to Brews: The Glass House Coffee Revolution with Kim Fabular

Welcome to another episode of Disrupt Davao, where we dive into the stories of the city’s most innovative entrepreneurs. Today, we’re joined by Kim Fabular, the founder of Glass House Coffee, a unique cafe that has transformed Davao’s coffee scene with its storybook ambiance and commitment to local coffee culture.

In This Episode:

Kim’s Coffee Calling: Discover how Kim transitioned from philosophy student to coffee aficionado and what inspired her to create Glass House Coffee. Learn about her journey from finding the perfect location to embracing the challenges that helped shape the cafe’s distinctive storybook ambiance.

Expanding Horizons: Hear about Glass House’s expansion to Aeon Towers and how Kim maintained the brand’s unique thematic elements while adapting to an urban setting. Understand the challenges and triumphs of managing two different cafe environments.

Cultural Influence: Explore how Glass House Coffee is shaping Davao’s coffee culture and inspiring small cafe owners. Kim discusses the importance of creating a niche space that offers more than just coffee but a complete experience.

Local Love: Kim shares her commitment to supporting local coffee producers from Mount Apo and how this decision enhances Glass House’s offerings. Learn about the impact of local sourcing on both the quality of the coffee and the community.

Educational Endeavors: Delve into the workshops Kim offers, from introductory classes on specialty coffee to advanced brewing techniques. These workshops not only spread knowledge but also foster a community of coffee enthusiasts.

Advice from the Expert: Kim provides invaluable advice for aspiring cafe owners and coffee professionals. She emphasizes the importance of authenticity and alignment with personal values in creating a successful business.

Kim’s story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance in the entrepreneurial world. Her journey from philosophy student to renowned coffee professional illustrates the impact of embracing one’s true calling. Join us as we uncover the layers of dedication behind Glass House Coffee and the lessons Kim has brewed along the way.


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