DD12: Weaving Tech and Community in Davao City with Peng Sumarago

In this episode of the Disrupt Davao Podcast, we dive into the tech world with Peng Sumarago, the visionary founder of Mugna Technologies Inc., and the driving force behind the DEVCON Davao Chapter. Join us as Peng shares her journey from a tech enthusiast to a leader shaping the future of technology in Davao City and beyond.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Peng’s unique path into the tech industry and the birth of Mugna Technologies Inc.
  • Building Mugna Technologies: Overcoming challenges and leveraging community support to establish a tech-focused company.
  • Leading DEVCON Davao: Peng’s vision for nurturing tech talent and fostering innovation within the community.
  • Mindanao Summit 2024: Aiming to transform Mindanao into a tech hub through collaboration and showcasing local innovations.
  • The importance of mentorship, community, and staying engaged with initiatives like DEVCON and the Mindanao Summit.

Join us as Peng Sumarago gives us a glimpse into the tech landscape of Davao City, her role in fostering a supportive tech community, and her efforts to position Mindanao as a key player in the Philippine tech industry.


Mugna Technologies Inc. – https://www.mugna.tech/


DEVCON Mindanao Summit 2024: https://summit.devcon.ph/

Connect with Peng: 

Mugna Technologies Inc. and DEVCON Davao are at the forefront of Davao City’s tech revolution, and Peng Sumarago is leading the charge. Don’t miss out on this insightful episode of the Disrupt Davao Podcast!

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